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What is: Forever Young Hydro Facial

Forever Young Hydro Facial uses the Ion Fusion Pro Hydro facial machine, which includes 100% active and functional ingredients to deeply hydrate, plump and brighten skin with this ultra-nourishing facial. Includes stimulating exfoliation, detoxifying facial massage, micro-current lifting technology, and skin infusion with Truth Treatments premium Vitamin C and polyelectrolyte solutions to nourish, heal, and anti-age the skin.

Whatever your skincare goals or needs, Hydro Facial can help! Whether you're looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, or brown spots, or simply looking to improve your skin's texture, firmness, and vibrancy, Hydro Facial does it all.

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How The Machine Works

The Hydro Facial tool that simultaneously extracts impurities and delivers deep hydration. The spiral design of the tips and vacuum technology work together to create a vortex-like experience that just feels like a gentle massage.

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Minimum Parking for a 50ft long Mobile unit must be available.

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When a service is booked with Mobile Meraki, a time slot with a minimum spend requirement of $1,500 worth of services must be booked. The $1,500 worth of service can be spent over a 3-hour time span, and you are welcome to share your time slot with up 2 other individuals to meet the minimum spend requirement.

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