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The Cryo T Shock by Pagani safely and effectively uses thermal shock to naturally dispose of adipose fat cells permanently. This treatment is noninvasive, painless, and has no downtime. Cryo T Shock first warms the skin, improving the skins permeability and micro-circulation of tissues. Next, very rapid cooling of the tissue causes a thermal shock that destroys fat cells, which are then eliminated by natural means.

How The Machine Works

Frequency & Number of Sessions – One may need between 1-10 treatments depending on what their needs are and in order to see measurable results. Each session should be spaced 14 days apart. It takes 14-28 days after each session for the body to naturally eliminate the fat cells through the Lymphatic system. Final results can be seen up to 6 weeks after the last session. Lymphatic drainage must be done after each fat freezing treatment to speed up the fat elimination process. A healthy diet and exercise program is recommended for optimal results.

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Minimum Parking for a 50ft long Mobile unit must be available.

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When a service is booked with Mobile Meraki, a time slot with a minimum spend requirement of $1,500 worth of services must be booked. The $1,500 worth of service can be spent over a 3-hour time span, and you are welcome to share your time slot with up 2 other individuals to meet the minimum spend requirement.

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