Microneedling Facial

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What is: Microneedling Facial

Microneedling utilizes microneedles that are approximately 0.1-0.25 in diameter to create micro-injuries in the outer layer of your skin (epidermis). These micro-injuries initiate the body’s natural healing properties to repair the micro-injuries, resulting in visible improvements in the texture and resiliency of your skin

How The Machine Works

The entire microneedling process lasts about 30 minutes and only requires the use of a topical anesthetic, applied after your skin has been thoroughly cleansed. Although it can be done on its own, we customize the microneedling facial with serums to further enhance your results. Once the microneedling process is completed we will finish the facial with a calming sheet mask.

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Parking Requirements

Minimum Parking for a 50ft long Mobile unit must be available.

Minimum Spend Requirement

When a service is booked with Mobile Meraki, a time slot with a minimum spend requirement of $1,500 worth of services must be booked. The $1,500 worth of service can be spent over a 3-hour time span, and you are welcome to share your time slot with up 2 other individuals to meet the minimum spend requirement.

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