Full Energy Clearing & Balancing Body Massage

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Lavender aromatherapy massage

What is: Full Energy Clearing & Balancing Body Massage

This service will be conducted by our talented energy healer and massage therapist Debbie Continelli.

This massage intuitively tunes into your energy and the flow of your chakras. This massage specializes in releasing and balancing blocked emotions. Blocked energies can cause physical pain, stress, tension, anxiety, and fear. Each session will be personalized and will an in-depth healing experience based on your needs. This is a soothing soft tissue massage that focuses attention on areas of the body that need it the most. This massage will leave you feeling rejuvenated, balanced, calmed, grounded, and clarity of mind.

How The Machine Works

Before you can experience the Full Energy Clearing & Balancing Body Massage our energy healer Debbie will conduct a 10-15 phone consultation before your first appointment.

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Parking Requirements

Minimum Parking for a 50ft long Mobile unit must be available.

Minimum Spend Requirement

When a service is booked with Mobile Meraki, a time slot with a minimum spend requirement of $1,500 worth of services must be booked. The $1,500 worth of service can be spent over a 3-hour time span, and you are welcome to share your time slot with up 2 other individuals to meet the minimum spend requirement.

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