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What is: B12 Vitamin "Energy" IM shot

Vitamin B12 is known the world over for its health benefits. It's great for energy, metabolism, calming nerves and promoting a better mood.

Vitamin B12 helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, protein, fats, and convert the food we eat into glucose for energy. B12 is a fast natural treatment for fatigue, low energy, stubborn weight or sluggish metabolism.

Our B-12 injection sends B vitamins straight into the muscle for complete and rapid absorption. B vitamins provide energy, a metabolism boost, healthier skin and muscles, and a stronger immune system.

How The Machine Works


Mild Vitamin B12 deficiency is fairly common, with many people unaware of the fact they may be lacking this essential nutrient. This shot is great for any adult who has a low B12 blood level or wants to have an extra energy boost.


The most active form of vitamin B12 - Methylcobalamin.


Once a week until the deficiency is resolved. As needed afterward.

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