Gentlemen's Facial

If stress has left your skin shiny and congested or if shaving or extreme weather has made it dry and irritated the Gentlemen’s Facial will redress the damage. The customized treatment incorporates deep cleansing and specific treatment to address problems associated with shaving, stress and a dull skin tone. The facial includes a hand and arm massage to deepen the state of relaxation and your skin will be refreshed and perfectly hydrated.

Sports Massage

If you have overdone it at the gym or in daily life, this is the treatment for you. It is also ideal to help with injury recovery. A firm-handed, deep tissue massage that helps with the majority of minor and moderate musculoskeletal problems, and is ideal before or after exercise. Muscle pain and tightness are relieved as your therapist uses tailored massage techniques to release tension and restore balance.

Botox® Treatment

BOTOX for men treatments can help to eliminate wrinkles like frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s-feet , “11’s” (vertical lines between your eyebrows) and bunny lines around the nose. Botox Treatment greatly reduces the appearances of these wrinkles and you’ll also prevent the formation of new wrinkles.
This proven cosmetic solution will make you look refreshed, revitalized, and younger.

Jawline, Cheek, Chin, & Lip Sculpting:

Cosmetic fillers for men is a versatile injectable dermal filler gel designed for filling in small, vertical lines around the lips, as well as deeper nasolabial folds. It can also be used for enhancing facial features, such as sculpting cheeks and chin, and adding volume to lips.