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Mobile Meraki Center For Aesthetics + Wellness is a modern, On-Site Medical Spa located at 120 Remington Blvd, Ronkonkoma, NY.

For those who would rather come to us, then us come to them. Call today to book your next appointment.

Experience the Difference at Mobile Meraki Center For Aesthetics & Wellness


At Mobile Meraki, we have exclusive beauty, health, and wellness technologies that are proven to be effective. We offer a multitude of boutique services, helping you to look and feel your best.

Stepping into our intimate mobile coach will instantly have you feeling relaxed, safe, and ready to experience a level of unparalleled service. During this time, we are taking extra measures to maintain a safe and sanitary spa experience.

Book our Mobile Coach if:

1. You are excited to have a spa brought right to your door
2. Planning a special event or party
3. Have limited space inside home for services
4. or wish to book RF Microneedling or HydroFacial treatments.

*Each appointment will be consumed for 3 hours at your place, pamper yourself or share the appointment time with a few family members or friends. Minimum of $1500 for each booking.

In-Home Services

At Mobile Meraki we have exclusive beauty, health, and wellness services that can be experienced in the comfort of your own home. With our highly skilled staff, let us pamper you with our 24/7 availability Concierge Medical Spa services.

Majority of the services are available for In-Home appointments
*excludes radio frequency microneedling, Pure Indulgence Facial, and Truly Nourishing & Anti Aging Facial

All we need is a wall outlet and 7 feet of space for our equipment.
The first 15 minutes of appointment time is for the Mobile Meraki staff member to set-up your relaxation station.

Why choose to book in home services?

For those desiring treatment of 1-2 medical spa services in the comfort of their own home and not requiring particular technologies available in our mobile coach.

*Each appointment will be consumed for 2 hours in your home, including yourself and up to one relative or friend for service. Minimum of $500 for each In-Home booking.